What Kind of Home Improvements Require Permits?

14 de February de 2023
what kind of home improvements require permits

What kind of home improvements require permits? Carrying out a home renovation can be a complicated process, but the end result is well worth the effort. 

Here are some basics of the permitting process and some significant projects that usually require a permit from your local building department:

  • Building permits can be obtained through the appropriate municipal office.
  • Making any major changes that alter the footprint of your home requires a permit.
  • These changes may include decks, certain fences, certain plumbing and electrical work, as well as siding projects.
  • Failure to obtain permits—even if you hire a contractor—can stall your project or complicate the sale of your home.
  • Some renovations such as painting, installing flooring and countertops, and replacing faucets don’t require a permit.
  • Adding a bathroom to your home will most likely require a permit.

What kind of home improvements require permits?

To find out what kind of home improvements require permits, we must first decide whether we are going to carry out major or minor works. To paint or change the furniture in a house you do not need a permit.

Below, we will comment on the reforms that do and do not need a licence. Even so, you should always consult your local town hall about the works you are going to carry out.

Licensed renovations

Firstly, the building permit is the permission we need to luxury renovations a house.

To apply for them you have to go to the town hall and the local administration will decide the terms under which you need to have these permits and also say what conditions you need to have in order to be granted them. They also decide the fees to be paid and the penalties we face if we do not get the necessary paperwork.

As architects in marbella we know what,They differ from renovations that do not need a licence because they require professional supervision.

Types of licensed refurbishment: Major and minor works

Major works

Major works are considered to be those in which we have to increase the surface area, volume or height of the property. For example: closing the terrace to make the living room bigger, works that affect common elements of a building such as roofs, works that modify the structure of a house such as removing a partition wall, etc.

These types of works are also characterised by the fact that they require professionals who are registered as architects or quantity surveyors and have a budget of more than €20,000.

To find out what permission I need to renovate a house, you should go to your local town hall and tell them what renovation you are going to carry out. Once they know what you want to do, they will explain what you need.

Minor works

On the other hand, minor works are those that are considered more common or everyday, those that have a smaller magnitude and that affect the structure or the façade of the building.

They require the supervision of a professional, such as painting, tiling, changing the kitchen or living room furniture, renewing the radiators, etc.

As with major works, if you want to know what permission you need to renovate a house, you should go to the town council.

Unlicensed renovations

It depends on the community where you are, so you should inform the local council so that they can explain to you what type of licence you need.

Penalties for unlicensed building work

Carrying out an unlicensed renovation can result in a fine or even the demolition of the building.

In the case of local council fines and depending on each municipal legislation, the penalty can range from €600 to €6,000: approximately 2% of the value of the renovation.

In addition, after paying the fine, the renovation must be legalised and the licence fees must be paid within a specific period of time.

This has been all about what permission I need to reform a house, if you have any questions do not forget that you can contact us, we do luxury renovations with great quality.

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