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Klic Arquitectos is an architectural studio specialised in the integral management of commissions

As architects in Marbella we apply the most innovative and advanced technology to transform architecture and interior design into what you have always dreamed of, in a totally personalized way. We rigorously comply with design, cost and deadline guidelines, and consciously choose the best idea that captures the essence of the spaces tailored to the people who inhabit them.

Arquitectos Marbella

At klic architects we are specialists in luxury renovations, and we offer the most qualified and complete service from the design of the house to the exterior and interior landscaping of the entire distribution of the land.

In our marbella architects estudio, we believe that design is a constant balance between reason and emotion. Our designs should offer a comprehensive sensory experience, a balance between beauty and practicality. Our ultimate goal is to design a home that brings you "as close as possible to absolute happiness."


The core of the studio is embodied by Juan Goñi and Ruth Buján, both vocational architects who work within a global perspective and are backed with extensive experience in Malaga and the Costa del Sol.



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    The users needs to generate an experience during the process of their personal project. The study, analysis and organisation is aimed at facilitating the understanding of the different phases they will go through until they reach the final delivery. Prior to this, the client needs to know what we, as architects, contemplate day by day, study and prepare to give the most accurate response to the project. That is why terms such as sustainability, ecology, smart city, are a golden opportunity to create a new and self-sufficient architecture.

    We start with knowing what is essential, in order to be able to carry it out, and to know what is being done at any given moment. Although there are much more technical aspects involved, we cannot forget that architecture is moved by sensations, emotions, thoughts, inspirations, and that is what we intend to convey to the end. The connection between the purely abstract and the technical is fundamental to achieve success.

    Our responsibility is not only to design "beautiful" architecture, but we also have other equally important concerns, such as ecological responsibility, and this must be one of the main driving forces to create an architecture that respects its surroundings.
    At the end of the day, we must always start with optimism and curiosity, this is how any project is enriched. A building or home can have several lives, so contemplating and studying a design that lasts over time will always be the best option.


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