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Juan Goñi Uriarte | ARCHITECT
Ruth Buján Varela | ARCHITECT
Beatriz Sánchez | ARCHITECT
Adrián Postigo | ARCHITECT
María Herrera | ARCHITECT


Belén Pabón
Sergio Zaragoza
Betania Lemni
Úrsula Marín
Sun Il Cano
Myung Il Cano
Alejandro Castillo
Antonio Ramirez
Natasha Poluektova
Javier Ruiz
Azahara Gil
Sandra Túlsidas
Macarena Sánchez
Sonia Pino
Juan Vargas
Cristóbal Santiago
José Madrid
Marina Díaz
Miriam Avilés
José Manuel Ruiz Soto
Jose Carlos Moriel
Natalia de la Fuente
Belén Rojano
Nacho Álvarez-Ossorio
Antonio García

More about us

Klicarquitectos is an architect studio based in Málaga with more than 10 years' experience in construction and renovations. Since we founded the company in 2006, we have completed sport, hotel, cultural and office architecture projects, as well as new builds and restorations.

Throughout this time our know-how, efforts and perseverance meant we were able to overcome the financial crisis and opened new lines of business in Klicstudio which combine architecture and project management with more technical commissions, such as loss adjustment, valuations and authentication and authorisation services.

At the heart of the studio is Juan Goñi and Ruth Buján, both of whom graduated from Seville's School of Architecture and are registered with Málaga's Official Association of Architects. Young architects, Beatriz Sánchez Sepúlveda and Nacho Álvarez-Ossorio, graduates from Málaga's School of Architecture, are currently part of the team. We also have Cristóbal Santiago, technical architect, and José Madridfinance manager on board.

Our team of architects and technical architects from Málaga offer experience and earnest enthusiasm to guarantee you the deepest knowledge of the trade and the latest design trends.

We constantly strive to keep our sights set on new practices and trends in the fields of architecture, ensuring we are always ahead of the game. This means we are able to present virtual reality experiences with 360-degree virtual tours or BIM models for project management. And what's more, we always offer a friendly and approachable service.

As an architecture studio and construction firm, we specialise in providing comprehensive management for turnkey projects. We can guide you through every stage of the works, from the initial design and drafting the plan to calculating the overall material costs, and taking care ofall administrative processes.

How do we do it?

Once you've entrusted us with your project, we'll arrange a meeting so that you can tell us what you need and any ideas you already have in mind. We'll meet you wherever is convenient for you and take note of the information you provide us. When we're sure of everything surrounding the relevant regulations and the budget you have available, our team will get to work to create an architectural proposal. We'll arrange meetings with you during this process so that we can discuss any queries you may have or make any changes. Once you give us the all clear for the proposal, our specialised team will work together, with each professional taking care of their own area of expertise.

At this stage, we'll plan the deadlines for preparing the documents we need to process the permits and other paperwork, and if necessary, we can also offer to take care of the budgeting and measurement. This is one of the factors that makes us different, giving you peace of mind as you will not need to worry about the constant requirements associated with such type of works and can rest assured that everything will go according to how we planned. And what about the cost? There are no hidden extras, as we work in line with the budget you have available and a fixed price agreed with you before we start.


In addition to our vast experience in many areas, we are also extremely efficient and offer fast turnaround times, which instils confidence in all who wish to contract our services. Our clients always praise us for taking the time to listen to their thoughts, our flexible availability, and most importantly, wanting the very best for them.

We want to be your architects in Málaga, so trust in us.

Our projects

Renovating PROMÁLAGA coworking space in Andalusia Technology Park

We renovated the former television studios, which were converted into an incubator/coworking space in the Andalusia Technology Park. The building is the work of Salvador Moreno Peralta and once housed a local television channel.

The intervention resulted in a large, double height open-plan space where work desks and a series of rooms, used for meetings, were installed.

Adapting Villa Romana, Cortijo Robledo

A commission by the Ministry of Public Works to conserve and regenerate an archaeological site found among Las Pedrizas motorway works. During the intervention, we had to transport the Roman ruins (1st century AD-5th century AD) to the new site next to the road.

After we'd relocated the ruins, we proceeded with the conservation works. We collaborated with a large, multi-disciplinary team, made up of archaeologists, historians and communication specialists.

Synergym Gyms

Since 2014, we have drafted the plans for the gym chain Synergym in east Andalusia. During this time, we have collaborated with the studio BM2 and implemented eight centres throughout Málaga province.

Since our studio specialises in sport architecture, we are able to contribute our technical experience.

Puente Romano Kids Club

In 2016, the Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella commissioned a children's play area, in a section on the lower ground floor, which we renovated and rehabilitated for such purposes. The plan was centred around a large, central games room, equipped with children's tables, a climbing wall and various games. Next to this room we added a video games area, storage spaces and bathrooms.

Juan es un profesional cualificado, serio y responsable. Ha colaborado conmigo en muchas ocasiones haciendo valoración de daños estructurales de edificios y siempre ha hecho un excelente trabajo. Muy eficiente, alguien en quien se puede confiar.
Adolfo Martos Gross
Lawyer. Founding Partner of Gutierrez del Alamo y Martos, Abogados.
Adolfo trabaja con Juan pero en empresas diferentes.
Juan is an architect and an entrepreneur who works very seriously. Always with a smile, Juan has added value to built buildings with simplicity… and is working in new constructions (which is not an easy task these days!).
Antonio De Las Niveves
Sr Technical Sales & Support Engineer at Athento: Smart Document Management.
Antonio era cliente de Juan.
Juan es un excelente profesional, serio y muy cualificado. Cumple con los plazos a la perfección y se trabaja con él de una manera muy fluida. Además cuenta con un equipo que le apoya y trabaja de una manera muy eficiente.
Antonio Olivares López
en DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U.
Antonio trabaja con Juan pero en empresas diferentes
Juan is an excellent architect. I am very satisfied with the projects he has done for me.
Franz J. Matheis
Co-Founder at Paraty Tech, Data Seekers
Franz J. fue cliente de Juan
He trabajado con Juan durante varios años en la reforma de Promalaga CW. He de decir que Juan es un fantástico profesional que se dedica por completo a su trabajo, exquisito en los plazos, nunca lleva una reunión sin preparar hasta el más mínimo detalle y en definitiva es una persona en la que se puede delegar, ya que es muy capaz de resolver cualquier tipo de dificultad con ideas originales y con trabajo duro.
Mariano Morán Prados
Project Manager at Promálaga
Mariano fue cliente de Juan
Thank you very much Juan for your dedication, your advises and implementation in our project which was completed on time and at our total satisfaction.
Patrice J. Brunet
General Manager - PRIVATE DEPART. Shk. Mohammed bin Khalid AL NAHYAN - Family Office - Asset Management - Holding
Patrice J. fue cliente de Juan.
Tengo el placer de compartir proyecto con Juan Goñi en una iniciativa empresarial de éxito en el sector de gimnasios y centros deportivos, y puedo decir que su trabajo a la hora de gestionar y manejar relaciones y entornos laborales ha sido clave. No sé si existirá mejor arquitecto, pero difícilmente encontraréis a alguien que de más por aquello que le importa...y a Juan le importa mucho su trabajo. Sin duda volvería a contar con Juan y su despacho Klicstudio.
Pedro Martínez Moya
Managing Director en Synergyn
Pedro fue cliente de Juan.