Baza Fortress


An archaeological park/garden is proposed at the top of the plateau, limited by the traces recovered from the old BAZA FORTRESS. We reorganized the entrances, including the construction of two buildings at street level in which their roofs are designed partly as up-ramps and partly as an extension of the upper public space, as viewpoints. To ensure its new vocation as a central area for recreation and enjoyment of the municipality, we devised a conglomerate of recreational-cultural uses for this place: sculpture garden, public bath building, interpretation center, open-air theater, kiosk-terraces ... capable of including others within the park such as a gymnastics circuit for the elderly, a playground, etc. Overlooking, a series of lookout towers will allow you to scan the landscape starting from the vision of the treetops. We thus imagine a place charged with multiple, complex and fascinating readings in which the old and the new would be mixed, the built with the natural, leisure experiences punctuated by appearances of archaeological ruins, introspection areas with open landscapes, cultural events with touristic visits, quiet areas with transit and communication areas ... we believe that the Baza Fortress could be, in this way, a wonderful place.

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Juan Goñi and Ruth Buján, founders of Klic Arquitectos, talk about their project and their vision of architecture in this interview published in the specialized magazine DecoMarbella.

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