The house is developed on the ground floor, above ground level, on the first floor and basement. It includes a private outdoor space with a garden and pool areas. From the north limit, there is a pedestrian access to the house, as well as two accesses for vehicles: one for outdoor parking, and another one for parking in the basement; the pedestrian access is located in the center of the plot, and forms the main axis of the house. From this axis, you can access the kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and finally the living room, which occupies the southern end of the ground floor of the house. From here you can access the patio, which also connects with the kitchen, as well as the other exterior spaces of the house.

Technical data

ArchitectsJuan A. Goñi Uriarte and Ruth Buján Varela
CollaboratorsBeatriz Sánchez Sepúlveda
LocationCalle Profesor Santiago Rey, 29630, Benalmádena, Málaga
Surface area585 m2
ClientGrupo Poplars proyectos y obras S.L.
Project startJanuary 2019
DeveloperGPL Obras y Proyectos
PhotographyArtemio Fotos (Artjom Golovko)
Klic Arquitectos en DecoMarbella

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Klic Arquitectos

Juan Goñi and Ruth Buján, founders of Klic Arquitectos, talk about their project and their vision of architecture in this interview published in the specialized magazine DecoMarbella.

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