How to Make a Hotel Sustainable

how to make a sustainable hotel

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The world is becoming aware of climate change and is adopting measures to reduce carbon emissions. How to make a sustainable hotel in 2023? If you are wondering how hotels can collaborate with the cause, read this article by Klic Arquitectos, Architects in Malaga, for several recommendations.

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What are sustainable hotels?

Sustainable hotels are those that seek to reduce their environmental impact by implementing green practices in their products, services, maintenance and supply chains. These hotels work to reduce energy consumption, minimise waste and plastics, and reduce water consumption. 

They also aim to digitise the customer experience through automation and other software. While it can be difficult to turn a hotel into a fully sustainable establishment in a short time, it is better to start small and adopt green practices one step at a time, rather than going overboard to attract more environmentally conscious guests.

How to make a hotel sustainable in 2023?

How to make a hotel sustainable in 2023? This is a complex process that can take a lot of time and planning.


It is true that hotel technology and smart devices can optimise hotel operations and improve sustainability. Some of the alternatives include automating check-in and check-out, which avoids the need for physical keys and check-in desks. In addition, a digital check-in process can be established to reduce the use of plastic cards and paper.

Another way to save energy is by tracking energy consumption and movement, installing smart thermostats in rooms and using energy-saving LED bulbs. Digitising the guest experience can also be beneficial by reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint. Paper documentation, such as receipts and invoices, can be replaced by apps, emails and QR codes. This is not only convenient for guests, but also reduces the possibility of misplacing important documents after bill payment.

Reducing plastic

Every day, an estimated 8 million plastic fragments find their way into the oceans. The hotel industry generates around 200 gallons of plastic waste per room per month. 

How to make a hotel sustainable in 2023? Adopting plastic management measures is an effective strategy for hotels to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Saving water

Some practices you can promote to your guests include reducing shower time, turning off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving, and reusing towels and sheets. With good communication and appropriate strategies, you can encourage responsible habits in your guests, which will allow them to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Educate on sustainability

Use communication to explain the rules and encourage responsible use of resources. In addition, you can install waste separation systems throughout the hotel to promote more environmentally friendly behavior.

Another way to motivate guests is to offer more sustainable products…

Reduce food waste

You can consider offering more vegetarian and vegan dishes instead of meat options in your hotel. By choosing vegan options, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% compared to vegetarian options, and by 64% compared to options containing meat.

Local producers and suppliers

Another action you can take to help you understand how to make a hotel sustainable is to include local producers and suppliers in your supply chain. By doing so, you will not only help the local community, but you can also reduce carbon emissions related to transportation. 


Buying products from local food suppliers reduces the distance orders have to travel, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint of transportation. In addition, by working with local suppliers, you are more likely to get fresh and seasonal produce, which can improve the quality of your dishes and increase guest satisfaction.


That’s all about how to make a sustainable hotel in 2023, we hope you found it helpful! 

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